Please don’t work my job while I strike.


Real scabs aren’t cute.

I just went on strike from my job writing for a highly rated cable TV show. That might mean the brilliant comedians I know here online or in real life will be asked to come in and replace the striking workers. There are tons of people that are so funny, and I’d LOVE to have you write on our show - I’ve even recommended some of you for the job in the past. And who knows - they might ask you to do it. 

But while we strike you really shouldn’t work my job. Really really really.


Here is why:

1) Cable pay rates are F’d. The more shows that stand up and fight, the better the situation is going to get for everyone. If companies think they can get away with it (and they have) they will keep doing it. If you work the jobs when we’re on strike the company has no reason to fix the situation. We’re fighting not just for our jobs, but for future writers too. That is you, future writer.

2) It’s not worth it. The whole point is we get paid shit. If you are good enough to work the job now, you’ll be good enough in a month. By that time, the pay rate for the exact same job could be 6 times as much. If you don’t wait, it might never get there. This is a high turnover job - people burn out or get other gigs. Hold off and you’ll still get it, just under better circumstances.

3) Working Rule 8. If working rule 8 is invoked, no WGA writers are allowed to work on a show. If you are not in the guild but hope to someday be, you should want to stand by them. They can and do ban people from ever joining for crossing a picket line.

4) Writers hire & writers remember. In most of the jobs I’ve gotten I’ve been recommended by other writers and hired by showrunners (people who used to just be writers). It’s in your best interest to create a reputation for standing WITH writers, and for being part of the team. 

5) This is a union town. The few times I’ve been hired by non-writers, I’ve been hired by producers - who have their own union. Standing up for a union gains you respect from everyone. Even if you are someone who is distrustful of the inside organization of a union, the group of people that they represent are worth standing up for. Comcast is currently embroilled in fights with all kinds of unions - from the WGA to Communications workers. Don’t help them out.


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