Dudes - fix your shitty apartment.

Simple. Masculine. GOOD. You can do this.

A few weeks ago my friends and I went to a party at a guy’s house. This dude and his friends were very cute and funny, with great arms and taste in music - AND YET upon walking into their apartment my pussy dried up and left. It put on it’s little pussy hat and coat and hailed a cab and I haven’t seen it since (so thanks a lot, Kevin.) Why? That place was awful. That kind of apartment is pretty bad when you’re 25 - once you hit 30 it is a complete vagina repellant.

DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, GUYS. Don’t wait for a lady to come into your life and fix your apartment. Any girl who is attracted to you and your apartment in it’s current state is attracted to you either because she wants to “fix” you, or because she needs a new place to leave her old syringes and tufts of hair. You don’t want either.

So here is an easy little checklist to start getting your place in order:

  • NO FOUND ART. That beer sign, or street sign, or flyer is trash. You have TRASH on your wall. Trash goes in the trash can. Even worse if it’s broken. If it’s broken just assume that your mother is somewhere weeping for you and your future. Think of that every time you look at it. Your mother, who RUINED her body for you and loved you with all her heart is crying over that shitty broken Slippery When Wet sign. 
  • NO FOUND FURNITURE. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but your furniture should look like it belongs together. The the couch you found on the street and the chair you got from your aunt’s garage look like they belong in a dump. They are no longer appropriate for anything execpt letting rats give birth inside the cushions. Get rid of them, go to Ikea. UNLESS MAYBE - you have it cleaned and refinished / reupholstered. But even in that case, allow me to mention that my whole apartment building once got bedbugs from a used bedside table, so….
  • THINGS SERVE THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE. No spool coffee tables, no milk crate shelves, etc. Unless you are the type of guy who is looking for a crafty woman who crochets dresses for her toilet paper, quit being crafty with your furniture. Again - you are sitting on garbage.
  • CURTAINS. You should have curtains and/or blinds in your windows. Not sheets. Not towels. Not boxes. Curtains. You’re right - sheets, towels, or boxes could sufficiently block the light, but they make you look like you live in a terrorist cell. It would also be cheaper & effective to wear cardboard boxes on your feet, but you don’t do that, right?… RIGHT? 
  • FRAMES. Frames do amazing things for art. Put your Godfather / Shawshank poster into a frame and suddenly it looks classy. The type of classy girls want to fuck. Frames are magic! Get a bunch in the same color and you can throw all kinds of bullshit on your wall and look like a grown-up creative dude who’s in control. Frames are the first step towards tossing out your novelty cups in exchange for some nice weighty glasses.
  • PUT YOUR XBOX AWAY. I know you like to play it. You also like to play with your dick but you know enough to put that away when you’re done. Your game console should have a place where it fits and belongs - controlers, too - and that place should not be your floor.
  • CLEAN. Listen. I know it was hard to clean before, but now that you got rid of the garbage on your walls and floor, it’ll be a little easier. So do it. … Ok, now do it again because it’s still disgusting - whatever you did is not really cleaning. There are still pennies and matches everywhere. You could even hire a maid service (they cost less than you think). Even just once so you can see what she does and then do it again yourself. Added perk - you might stop itching so much!
  • TOWELS. Get some new towels. If it looks like you might have cleaned an animal shelter with your towels, it’s time for new ones. They are not supposed to last forever. That goes triple for bath mats.
  • YOU’RE PROBABLY ALREADY DOING THIS, BUT…. I have found that guys are usually pretty good about taking care of their beds & electronics. But just in case: You should have a mattress pad on your mattress, and sheets that are under 2 years old (or at least look & feel like they are), and a comforter that looks clean and feels soft. You should also have some sort of method for playing music easily. (You should not have to twist a couple of wires together to get anything to start.) A computer is ok, a stereo system is better, a turntable is nice but pretty much says “I either have this to impress girls, or I am an insufferable asshole about sound quality” so proceed with caution.

Ok! Now you can get a pet! You don’t have to get throw pillows - that is the type of thing you can leave up to the girlfriend. She’ll like that.

Photo via ApartmentTherapy

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