I found out that Nathan was an artist the day I caught him stocking one of the piles of mysterious Diamon Lion postcards that had appeared in some theaters around LA. Diamond Lion is my improv group - none of us had any idea where these postacards had come from. I grabbed one and said “Did you make these??” He just sort of nodded and smiled. 

He ended up making a bunch of posters for Diamond Lion. He hand made each of those Rankin and Bass christmas characters (and if you don’t know what we look like,  trust me - he nailed it.) Later he made weekly posters for my stand up show, Big Money. My co-host, DC, and I particularly liked the “weird” one he made us for April Fools Day last year. He also drew me that “ferociously cute” dinosaur - which is one of my favorite things, and is the background to my twitter page.

I wanted to post some of the art that he made for me, and the posters, and some stuff he made I just liked, because I want people to see them. But I don’t feel comfortable showing them to you by linking to his blog, because his suicide note is at the top of it, and I guess now it always will be. Even writing the words “suicide note” feels so personal and dramatic, like taping someone’s underwear to the blackboard. Sorry, Nathan. 

I don’t have any wise words to finish this with, besides life is short, no matter how it ends. So do everything, dream big, hold tight and when someone tells you your work is remarkable, try to believe them. 

Please Watch Eliza Skinner Do Stand Up on The Pete Holmes Show


The amazing Eliza Skinner got to do stand up on The Pete Holmes Show last night and you should really watch it whether you caught it live on air or not.

Really, she’s a name you should already know or commit to memory for how unbelievably talented and funny she is. Watch her set here.


Paul Ryan: Inner City Expert

Congressman Paul Ryan knows all about the “inner-city” experience, he just has some trouble finding the right words to describe it. 

I wrote this sketch about Paul Ryan. Not because he’s a racist or anything. Just cuz.

Piano Bar at The Improv - 3/13/14

Photos by Megan Baker (@comedyhipster)

Thank you to all the amazing comics who made the Piano Bar so fun last week! And, special thanks to our amazing musical director, Scott Passarella. We had a great show and a super crowd. Hooray for us all!

But clearly, the real star of the show was the stool. 

I wrote this video for Funny Or Die, because I was wondering WHY WE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THIS PLANE CRASH ALL THE TIME.


Comcast Doesn’t Give a F*CK

A heartfelt message to you from Comcast regarding their upcoming merger with Time Warner.

Aaaand I wrote this sketch also. Starring Greg Tuculescu, produced by Jason Carden, directed by Ian Pfaff. Still on strike from a Comcast owned show - going on 11 months now.


The Most Important Oscar Ballot

Don’t just watch the Oscars, get in on the action with this handy ballot that lets you keep track of all the stuff that really matters.

Also wrote this for Funny Or Die. Should have posted it before the oscars, but I’m a writer not a tumblr expert.


The Black Bachelor

Terrell Owens and Tatyana Ali star in the first season of The Bachelor to feature people of color. Unfortunately, it’s off to a rocky start.

I wrote this sketch for Funny Or Die - directed by Pat Bishop, produced by Bette Bentley, and starring Tatyana Ali, Terrell Owens, Jay Ellis, Joyful Drake and more hilarious cast members from BET’s The Game.


On the one hand, who cares about Shia LaBeouf? It’s not like he’s famous.

On the other his newest stunt raises an issue that has been bothering me a lot recently: apologies and victimhood.

It feels like everyone sees themselves as a victim these days, which is boring and frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when it’s coming from someone who actually has lot of power and influence. When powerful people see themselves as victims they become juggernauts of crap - covering everyone and everything in their wake with steaming piles of ego bullshit. It’s not a sob of “I am hurt,” it’s a howl of “I SHOULD BE THE WINNER!” Not winning =/= being victimzed. So pull your fucking pants on and take care of your shit, powerful people. 

What I’m saying is that Shia LaBeouf is not a victim, and he’s acting like one. He is a wealthy grown-up straight white man with incredible influence. He is taking actions to create all this, it’s not falling on him like a piano. People not liking something that he has done doesn’t make him a victim - it makes him a powerful man who has offended people much much less powerful. Boo hoo. Take your lumps, LaBeouf. Apologize or ignore it.  

But what is an apology? Is it a hashtag with a campaign to shame and guilt people who didn’t like what you did? Is it making an operatic caricature in reaction to people DARING to say they dislike you or your actions? I’d say no! I’d say it’s humbling yourself honestly, and moving on. Instead, LaBeouf is sitting in a room, crying with a bag over his head, demanding that people confront how much we have hurt him by letting him act like a jerk. These are the actions of a TODDLER, not a grown man. 

So I say, grow up and learn how to take care of other people. Demanding everyone in the world takes care of you is only cool in preschool.